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I liked so the font that I used isdi n condensed and I just go through andI just write all of the informationobviously a lot of this is just made upyou know to protect privacy and whateverfor the date I basically just went aheadand did the exact same steps as what Idid for Michelle and Matthew hand wroteit adjusted the levels etc etc and Ijust wanted it to be handwritten herejust for a bit more again visualinterest just to make it look a littlebit more special rather than just allfont written it's a little bit morepersonal and it adds a nice touch to itI think I'm then getting another guideand I'm just making sure that everythingis perfectly aligned along the samestraight line I'm just making finallittle adjustments here on the anglethat I've decided to go with the thingabout doing this in all separate layersis that you can adjust everythingindividually so if you don't like theway that something looks you can just goahead and change it next up I'm going toadd a bit of texture to our backgroundso I'm going to go to filter noise addnoise and it's completely up to you howmy triode you don't even have to add anyif you don't want I just wanted to looka little bit more texture than just aplain background so this is the finalresult I hope you guys have enjoyed thisvideo if you choose to recreate thisinvitation I would love to see it tag meon Instagram all of my information isdown below and I'll also put links toall of the fonts that I use and also therose gold texture that I used until nexttime guys I will see you later bye

if you justuse plain old printer paper so now we'regoing to open a new document I'm makingmine 16 by 24 inches this way I canprint it on a 6 by 4 photo paper and itwould look really good I'm just creatinga new layer and this is going to be ourbackground I'm using a dark purple hereand then I'm just adding a vignette toit and this is my favorite way to addvignettes to things is using the lenscorrection and then pasting thehandwritten font on top of it and usingthe magic wand tool I'm just selectingthe white and deleting it I'm thengetting this rose gold foil texture thatI found online I'll link it in thedescription box and I'm pasting it ontop of everything else right clicking onthe layer and then selecting createclipping mask and that will basicallymake it cut out around your handwritingnow I'm going to go in and write all therest of the stuff so the color that Ichose I just got my eyedropper tool andjust selected a few colors in theMichelle and Matthew until I found onethat

all the name of these scriptsthat i favor but it just depends on thevibes that you are going for what youmight really want your writing to looklike thus once you have decided on the styleof handwriting you would either scanthis in or i do not have a scanner thus i'mjust taking a photo of it and causing itto myself so opening it up inPhotoshop so 1st things 1st I'mgoing to crop this down to a much moremanageable size and then I'm justdragging some guides down simply to seehow straight over it in it because Iwant it to be quite nice-looking so I'mjust grabbing the lasso tool here andI'm just cutting up my name becauseMatthew ended up being pretty straightso

hey guys it's nibbles and i have beendesigning wedding invitations and Ithought i would run you thru how Imade this one as a result of it is a bitinteresting the primary factor that I didwas write mine and Matt's name over andover once more in different stylehandwriting till I found one that Ithat I likable and that I needed to use onthe invitations therefore you could getinspiration from Pinterest or reddit orwherever or just staring at differentfonts and repetition them in your ownhandwriting or else you could usea drawing tablet but I just find that itnever looks as smooth or as realistic asactual handwriting and if you are notblessed with good handwriting you canjust plow ahead and transfer a free fontI've got a massive font book andeverything is free from thereforethese are

I'm just cutting out Michelle and I'mjust going to use the transform tool totwist it around until it looks prettystraight now I've managed to spell myown name wrong mich e ll question markII don't know so I'm basically justgoing to be using the last sue and clonestamp tool and the transform tool justto fix my little spelling mistake thereand while I'm at it I'm just going to befixing a few other little things that Ididn't particularly like with how Iwrote it the thing with handwriting isthat it isn't perfect and there is goingto be little weird imperfections with itso you can either just leave it as isI'll do what I'm doing here i'm usingthe liquify tool and just changingcertain little things just to make itlook a little bit more appealing to myeye but it really doesn't matter it'sit's how far you choose to take this andhow much effort you choose to put intoit so next up we're going to go imageadjustments levels and what we're doinghere is we're adjusting thisuntil the whites look white and theblacks look black so you basically justgonna shift these sliders across untilit looks about right I use texturedpaper so you can see that the backgroundhas a lot more texture in it

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